equity2 + Jolly & Associates = Improved Communities 

As of August 2023, e2 – Jolly OZ, LLC has purchased its first property and the rehab should be completed, as early as September 2023. It is our intent that this initial project will be a template for many more projects to come in the metro Kansas City, MO region. 

Kansas City, MO (28 August 2023) 

equity is thrilled to announce its first Opportunity Zone investment with Jolly & Associates in Kansas City, MO.

Lauren Obermueller-Snapp, Director of Impact Investing and Terrell Jolly, founder of Jolly & Associates, had a shared vision for rebuilding communities in the greater Kansas City area, one neighborhood at a time.  Through their shared vision, this dynamic duo collaborated to facilitate the first-ever opportunity zone investment from equity2.   

“e2-Jolly OZ LLC”, is structured as a revolving fund, designed to enable Jolly & Associates to acquire, rehab and convert of multiple abandoned or blighted properties concurrently.   Post-sell or rental, the funds reinvested into the partnership in preparation to fund the next target properties. 

Leveraging the agility of the revolving fund model, will provide access to capital, while reducing delays and financial challenges, typically endured by minority developers.   It is our hope that this partnership will provide Jolly & Associates with hassle-free access to capital that will blaze pathway(s) to homeownership for first-time home buyers and long-term renters. 

Thank you all for your patience and continued support!  

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